Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Ass. - MPPDA
  • John Olin 18941909
  • J.C. Schubert 19101911
  • Ernest Warner 19121929~

    Vice Presidents:
  • John Hess 18941895
  • Frank S. Warren 18961898
  • A.R. Kentzler Jr. 18991900
  • Andrew S. Brown 19011911
  • Charles N. Brown 19121925
  • Frank W. Cantwell 19261929~

  • Charles N. Brown 18941911
  • E.J.B. Schubring 1912
  • Eugene C. Smith 19131915
  • John L. Bourke 19161929~

  • Frank W. Hoyt 18941932

    Thomas Brittingham
    George Burrows
    Burr Jones
    John Nolen
    Michael Olbrich
    Edward Owen
    Halle Steensland
    Daniel Tenney
    William Vilas

  • The Madison parks system got its start in 1888 when George Raymer built a pleasure drive along Lake Mendota from UW-Madison to Eagle Heights. In 1892 Edward T. Owen built a parkway connecting Raymer Road with the area that is now Hoyt Park. The drive opened in October 1892. Owen got help on the project from John Olin, and Edward Hammersley. At first, they called their group the Lake Mendota Pleasure Drive Association, but on July 10, 1894, it was reorganized as the Madison Park and Pleasure Drive Association. The original goal of the MPPDA was to open, extend and improve rustic roadways through picturesque scenery in Madison. Later the group began creating parks. In 1897 the MPPDA started building Farwell Drive from Sherman Avenue north to Governor's Island. More