Lake Monona Monster
Sea Serpent Appears Early This Year
Wisconsin State Journal, June 12, 1897

WHAT-IS-IT IN THE LAKE? The Monona sea serpent has made its appearance about two months earlier than usual this season, according to several people in the vicinity of East Madison, who aver that they saw the monster last evening.

They say it was at least 20 feet long, and traveled east on the surface of the lake until Eugene Heath, agent of the Gaar-Scott company, fired two shots into it, when it turned and came back; at this juncture either the snake or the spectators appeared to have disappeared. It is probably the same animal which is credited with having swallowed a dog which was swimming in the lake a few days ago. Mr. Schott and others who saw the "thing," whatever it may be, insist that it is a reality and not a joke or a creature of their combined imaginations.

Its appearance is not that of a serpent. Mr. Schott says, however, that he saw it plainly in the bright moonlight, and its shape was like the bottom of a boat, but it was about twice as long. Mr. Schott's two sons saw it, and were so firmly convinced that it was a dangerous animal that when soon after two ladies desired to be rowed over to Lakeside neither of the Schotts, who had spent a large part of their lives on the lake, would venture out.

In these years a curious monster, perhaps the same sea serpent, was also observed off the Tonywatha and Winnequah resort shores, on the east side of the lake, by different persons. Some huge vertebrae, which years later clogged the pipes of the sandpump, then dredging in the lake off the Olbricht Park shore, were supposed to be from the skeleton of this particular sea serpent.

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