Mendota Mental Health Institute
  • Misty figures larger than the size of a human.
  • Feeling of not being alone, feeling that someone or something doesn't want you there.
  • Rumors of the Wisconsin Memorial Hospital on the Mendota grounds being haunted.

    Possible Connections
  • Many Native American burial mounds on the grounds.
  • Many patients have died at the Wisconsin Memorial Hospital and Mendota Mental Health over the years including the infamous Ed Gein who died of respiratory and heart failure due to cancer in Mendota's Goodland Hall.
  • Mendota Memorial Cemetery grounds - It was a common practice in the late 1800s and early 1900s to bury patients on the grounds if they died in a mental hospital. The original Mendota cemetery was located next to the old “Insane Asylum” building. Construction forced 87 bodies to be exhumed and the cemetery to be moved. It is now located a couple blocks away near Central Wisconsin Center. Most patients were buried without tombstones to protect family confidentiality.

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